For the original series, see Techno Fantasy.



Main CharactersEdit

Emo Crys/Caliber Wolf
The "lead protagonist" of the story. His alter ego is Caliber Wolf and his symbol is the purple square. He gains Yoruno as his mascot.

Jack Knife/Lightning Tiger
His alter ego is Lightining Tiger and his symbol is the yellow bolt.

Goggles/Water Phoenix
His alter ego is Water Phoenix and his symbol is the blue drop.

Jay Jay/Force Bear
His alter ego is Force Bear and his symbol is the green triangle.

Kagi Gladys/Wind Panda
His alter ego is Wind Panda and his symbol is the sky blue spiral.

Bryan Steer/Fire Fox
His alter ego is Fire Fox and his symbol is the red flame.

Loroyo/Leaf Rabbit
His alter ego is Leaf Squirrel and his symbol is the orange circle.

Hazelnut/Nature Squirrel
His alter ego is Nature Squirrel and his symbol is the pink spark.

Shiva/Light Coyote
His alter ego is Light Coyote and his symbol is the white hexagon.


Luna Crys

Cyber WarriorsEdit

Fire Fox
Guided by Bryan Steer

Leaf Rabbit
Lightning Tiger
Guided by Jack Knife

Force Bear
Guided by Jay Jay.

Wind Panda
Guided by Kagi Gladys.

Water Phoenix
Guided by Goggles

Caliber Wolf
Guided by Emo Crys

Nature Squirrel
Light Coyote
Guided by Shiva

Dark Lion
Guided by Luna Crys

Ice Eagle

Minor CharactersEdit

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