For the original series, see Cosmic Dolls.


Legend tells about a king and queen, who have two daughters. One daughter, who was named as Edith, became wealthy and lives on with her parents. Another daughter, Eglatine, was isolated and lives in a farm. Eglatine worked so hard to earn money, but Edith starts to tease her ignobly. Eglatine then meets the Butterfly Prince, Syrole, as he helped her. She then married Syrole happily, whih made Edith furious. A few years passed on before Edith transformed herself into Dark Moon. The world was nearly destroyed by Dark Moon's powers.

Fashion-loving go-getter Penelope Oakbriar, does not have her skills to skate to join the Storm Lions, a group of male skateboarders. Then, she have her own way to make some new friends.


Main CharactersEdit

Penelope Oakbriar/Berry Beauty
The protagonist of the story.

Juniper Google/Shiny Bloom
Closely a new friend of Penelope.

Harutsuki Mami/Twilight Parfait
Faylina Rickson/Mint Leaf
Rhapsody Pumpkin/Angelic Blast
Quita Sandía/Atomic Blossom


Scarlette Hubbord
An antagonist of the story. She is a wealthy and spoiled 6-year-old girl, calling the girls "Cosmic Dorkettes" and Penelope "Penelo-Dweeb".

Officer Meillou
Encounter of Scarlette.

Magical Proxy
Bopple Blacktail


Penelope's fairy partner.

Juniper's fairy partner.

Mami's fairy partner.

Faylina's fairy partner.

Rhapsody's fairy partner.

Quita's fairy partner.

Ms. Flitter
Scarlette's pet Persian cat.

Dark Moon
The main antagonist of the story. Her real name is Edith and the wealthy sister of Eglatine.

Minor CharactersEdit

The leader of the Storm Lions.

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